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Refractory Material

High whitness silica powder

   Using the high quality silica sand , we grind it with vibrating to produce the High whitness silica powder.the production has the feature of high purity and whiteness, and its granules is very small( the smallest can be above 1000mesh), meanwhile, its granules are well-distributed. The production can be easily infiltrated with different resin and blended, and it has the quality of excellent adsorption. Its suspension is also remarkable , as a result , it can eliminate or weaken sediment and stratification. This type SiO2 has often be used in epoxy potting compound,plastics and other stuffing, and it can also be used in metallurgy,casting, ceramics and man-made marble ,etc.

   Chemical Composition:
   SiO2: 99.2%min to 99.8%min .in accordance with customer¨s request.
   Fe2O: 15ppm max to 200ppm max .in accordance with customer¨s request
   AL2O: 200ppm max to 800ppm max. in accordance with customer¨s request

   Physical Properties:
   Appearance: white powder Specific Gracity: 2.65 (arround)
   Harddness(Mohs): 7   

   Particle Size available:
   -100mesh,-240mesh,-28omesh,-325mesh,-400mesh,-600mesh,-800mesh in accordance with customer¨s request.




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