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Refractory Material

Fused silica sand

   Using the highest purity silica sand manufactured by our plant, we manufacture it by electrically fusing(fusing temperature 1720-2300 ≧ )to amorphous Silicon dioxide, then specially engineered ingots, granular and flour form designed for different usage. The appearance of this product is colourless and transplanted; a bit of them will transplant frog shape. The special features of this product: consistent chemistry, excellent thermal shock resistance, hard wearing, low thermal expansion, high purity, low thermal conductivity, low electrical conductivity and many other excellencies.

   Size Available:
A 8-5mm, 5-3mm, 3-1mm, 1-0.5mm, 0-0.5mm, 0.5-0.1mm, 0.2-0.1mm。in accordance with customer's request
B. -4+10mesh, -10+20mesh, -20+50mesh, -30+50mesh, -50+100mesh, -120F, -200F, -325F, -400F, -600F. in accordance with customer's request If you want more information about our products and to suggest your demand , please contact with us.
Chemical Composition:
Name Ingot&Granule Powder
SiO2 99.9% 99.9%
EC 0.8us/cm 0.9us/cm
Fe 10ppm 25ppm
Na 12ppm 20ppm
K 12ppm 20ppm



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