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Refractory Products--Ceramic Fiber Block

Ceramic Fiber Board

ceramic fiber board

Product Characteristic:

1.Low thermal storage&low thermal conductivity

2.Excellent pressure resistance& long service life

3.Non-crisp material,excellent tensile

4.Accurate geometrical size&excellent level surface.

5.Cut in different angles&convenience construction.

6.Excellent wind corrosion resistance.

7.Continuous production,fibers distributed in equalbe&stable performance.

8.Excellent thermal stability&thermal shock resistance.

Application Range:

1.Insulation & Refractories materials of the furance back-lining in the industry of cement and architecture.

2.Insulation material of the furance back lining in the industry of ceramics.

3.Insulation material of the furace back lining,wall lining & liner lining in the industry of metallurgy & petrochemical.

4.Insulation material in the glass furnace back-lining & wall lining.

5.Insulation materials in the heat-treatment furnace back-lining.

6.Insulation material of back-lining in the industry of color metal.

7.Insulation material of wall linging & back lining in high-temperature and heating equipment.

Technical data

Name 1050 Ceramic Fiber Block 1260 Ceramic Fiber Block
Brand OR-164B OR-264B
Shrinkage on Heating (%) 95024h -2.5 100024h -2.0
Thermal Conductivity(W/m.k) Hot Surface 800() 0.116 -
Hot Surface 1000() - 0.135
Compressive StrengthMPa 0.5 0.6
Density(kg/m3) 220 300
Specification(mm) 120060012.7/25/50

Single Package:Carton box outside

Big Package:Wooden Pallets

Package Quantity

Single Package:25mm:8 Pcs/Ctn 50mm:4 Pcs/Ctn

Big Package,8 Cartons/Pallet

Quality Control System ISO9001-2000,ISO 14001-1996


Layering Lining of the furnace with ceramic fiber block

Compound Structure

Electical-Pipe's Insulation

Car Bottom Furnace

Hydro treatment furnace

Furnace Lining

Casting and rolling

Heat-dealing Furnace

Cycle Heat-adding Furnace

Petrochemical Furnace

Metal-cover Furnace



Furnace Lining

Electric Power






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