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Orient mineral refractory material Co.,Ltd. orient refractory material is famous for the first base of producing refractory material.Our company has three plants to produce raw material of refractories manufacture in henan province,china,city of the raw materials (refractory material) in Henan province,China.such as minerals, refractory materials, abrasives,White Fused Alumina(Corundum),Brown Fused Alumina,High Alumina Corundum, Fused Spinel,Fused Mullite,Ceramic Foam Filters for Aluminium Casting,Zirconic Metering Nozzles,Fused Zirconia Alumina,Fused Zirconia Corundum,Calcined Kaolin,Alumina Bubble, Reactive ¦Á-Al2O3 Micropowder, Pure Calcium Aluminate Cement High-strenght,High-Alumina Castable Refractory,High Purity,High Density Corundum Bricks,high alumine cement ca50-G5,G7,G9,Alumina Cement CA50 ,Alumina cement Ca70,fused,ca80,cement klinker etc raw material and refractory products.

We are manufacture and export high quality refractories material,refractory cement,High Alumina Cement,Alumina Cement CA50,Silicate Calcium,Calcium Aluminate,Calcined Kaolin,Flux B,Wolcastonite,Fused Alumina ZA type(ZA25,ZA40),High whitness silica stone,Tramsparent Silica Stone,High whitness silica sand,High whitness silica powder,Special silica sand for stadium,Fused Silica,Fused silica sand,Fused silica powder,refractory product (raw materials) to korea,india,Europe,Japan etc.

Our Refractory material range include:refractory for burning furnaceˇ˘Refractory For electric power boilerˇ˘Refractory Castable For PetroChemical Industryˇ˘steel & iron Industry,Refractory for Steel Works,Refractory For Converter,Refractory For Electric-arc Furnace,Refractory For Steel Ladle,Refractory For Tundish Con-Casting,Refractory for secondary steel making,Refractory For Con-casting,Slide gate mechanism series,Refractory Castable For Heating Furnace And Soaking Furnace,Steel air ventilation,Refractory material for burning furnaceˇ˘Refractory For electric power boiler,Refractory Castable For PetroChemical Industry Refractory For Cement Rotary Kiln,Refractory Castable For Carbon Black Furnace,Ceramic Kiln Tool,Silicon Carbide Brick for Non-ferrous Metallurgy and Ceramic Industries etc.

If you are interesting in our products, please contact us without any hesitation. We will do our best to serve you with our best products and serves always.


Building 2-3-8,No.31, Hanxing Road, Kaifeng, China
Post Code:475000 FAX:0086-371-87527863


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